Pistol & Stamen’s “Project Prom” with Operation PROM

Pistol & Stamen’s “Project Prom” with Operation PROM

By Dorin Esfahani

As a young woman and someone who went to prom not too long ago, I know how important this event is for many high school girls.  A prom is also usually very costly, especially when it comes to one of the most important aspects—the dress. Finding a beautiful dress that fits your body can take a long time, and it can be hard to find something in your price range.  For many girls out there, most dresses are not in their price range, which can potentially come in the way of being able to attend prom.

Operation PROM is a special organization because it enables young women to attend prom when the affordability of a dress is an issue. As an assistant at Pistol & Stamen, a fashion and lifestyle PR firm in Los Angeles, it was my job to research which prom organizations to team up with. I saw that Operation PROM has helped many young women by giving them dresses for prom, but they must be eligible, as they have to file an application showing their financial need and prove that they are going to graduate.

Adrianna Papell, Aidan Mattox, and Hailey Logan are three interrelated dress brands that understand how important prom season is to young girls and are thrilled to be sponsors of this organization, enabling them to give back to the community. The brands donated many beautiful dresses to Operation PROM for the upcoming season.  Personally, I love these brands. They are stylish, flattering, comfortable, and BEAUTIFUL. I love wearing these dresses myself, and I am super excited for the girls who get to wear something from these collections to prom. I know that they will feel so good about themselves in these dresses. We have sent some really gorgeous styles!

Helping the less fortunate and giving back when possible is something that is very important to Pistol & Stamen and to me personally. I am so happy to be involved with Operation PROM. I am very impressed with the work of this organization and the generosity of Adrianna Papell, Aidan Mattox, and Hailey Logan for contributing and helping the organization enhance young women’s lives.

Special thank you to Dorin for blogging for Operation PROM.  We greatly appreciate her support, the support of Pistol & Stamen, and the generosity of the designers.


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